OroVicenza Fair – September 2021

VicenzaOro September represented a very successful moment for Ronco Srl. They were days of intense and engaging activity, which saw a fruitful discussion and an interesting exchange of knowledge of great professional value.
The participation and enthusiasm that we have found give us greater impetus for a start that we have awaited with hope, building with wise patience a restart that has gone well beyond our wildest expectations.
This fair has allowed us in a few days to meet again many gazes that we have not seen for some time. Faces that, before being customers, are people with whom we have been in contact for years.

We had the opportunity to showcase our wide range of gold and silver jewelery, semi-finished products and components as well as confirm the great value we place on customer service.
We are convinced that attention to detail makes the difference and we will continue to pursue this mission, constantly trying to develop new methods to improve and innovate our products to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

We thank Italian Exhibition Group Spa for the organization and all those who participated in this event. We look forward to seeing you in March 2022.

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